PENEO offers a new way of using your Internet connection to call anyone in the world, online, by phone or mobile phone. PENEO offers the lowest international rates. Great, isn't it? Let's see how can you benefit from our VoIP service:

That's it. You are connected to the future now.


Peneo is a leading-edge technology firm specializing in VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions to lower telecom costs for residential consumers (B2C), commercial businesses (B2B), and callshops/Internet cafes.

We use the very latest technology to ensure high quality at an incredibly low price. Our call prices are measured per second -meaning you pay for the exact length of your call and nothing more!

PENEO helps consumers, businesses and call shops / Internet cafes save money with the lowest possible rates on International phone calls.

Available dialers

Peneo offers dialers for many platform and OSs. Please read the list below.

Download the Custom Peneo Dialer here.
Requires no setup. If it doesn't work, please try the Xlite dialer below. Settings are the same as for MAC OS

Free dialer from Xten, called Xlite. Download here

Enabled: Yes
Display Name: anything
User Name: PENEO User ID
Authorization: PENEO User ID
Password: PENEO Password
SIP Proxy:
Out Bound Proxy:
Use Outbound Proxy: Default
Send Internal IP: Always
Register: Always
Voicemail SIP URL
Forward SIP URL

Win 98
BOL dialer. You can download it here

After installing the dialer, click the 'hammer' icon then input the settings as follows:

Account: PENEO User ID
Password: PENEO Password
Authentication type: DIGEST
Port: 5060
Transport Type: UDP
Default profile: checked
Auto Logon: checked
Keep Password: checked

Then click the 'STUN' tabe and un-check the 'Enable STUN' checkbox.

Click 'OK' to save settings and return to the dialer.

Now you need to RIGHT CLICK on the dialer window and select the profile you have just setup ( The dialer should now login and you can place calls (remember to dial 00 before the number)!

The dialer won't show your balance, but you can always login and check that here

If you have received an error message during the installation, then you could try the earlier version
of the BOL dialer (1.5)

Pocket PC
There is no free dialer yet. Click here for Xten's offer

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