PENEO offers a new way of using your Internet connection to call anyone in the world, online, by phone or mobile phone. PENEO offers the lowest international rates. Great, isn't it? Let's see how can you benefit from our VoIP service:

That's it. You are connected to the future now.


Peneo is a leading-edge technology firm specializing in VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions to lower telecom costs for residential consumers (B2C), commercial businesses (B2B), and callshops/Internet cafes.

We use the very latest technology to ensure high quality at an incredibly low price. Our call prices are measured per second -meaning you pay for the exact length of your call and nothing more!

PENEO helps consumers, businesses and call shops / Internet cafes save money with the lowest possible rates on International phone calls.

Support for the Dialer

The desktop dialer is the recommended option if you are using your own PC. You can download the dialer here

Q. How do install the dialer?
A. Simply download the file from our website, then run it. The installation wizard will guide you through the process.

The new dialer will work with most software firewalls, such as Norton Internet Security. Just remember to allow communication on all ports when prompted by the firewall software.

Q. Can I use the dialer with Mac OS?
A. You can't use the PENEO dialer, but you can use the free dialer from Xten, called Xlite. It is available free here

Q. Can I use the dialer with Pocket PC?
A. No, but there is a version from Xten that you can buy here

Functions guide:

Q. How can I configure my headset/ mic/ speakers to the optimum settings?
A. The best way is to start a call with a friend and use the sliders on the dialer to configure the best settings to suit you. You can call another PENEO user for free!

Q. I get call rejected on every call. What is wrong?
A. As with any other international call, you need to dial 00 (or 011 in some countries) before international numbers. For example, to call a number in London, UK, you would dial 00442072346710

Q. I can hear the other party, but they cannot hear me (or vice versa). What is the problem?
A. One-way audio usually occurs when there is a firewall on your PC/ Network which is blocking the audio. If using ADSL (broadband) it may also be that your router blocks the ports by default, without you even knowing. Please disable any firewall you may have then try again.

Q. The person I am calling hears an echo on the line? What is causing this?
A. Echo is sometimes caused by incorrect mic/ speaker settings. Use the audio controls to adjust your settings. Also, echo is often eliminated by using a headset or handset, instead of regular desktop speakers, as it prevents the other side hearing themselves in your speakers!

Q. The sound quality is poor. Is there anything I can do to improve it?
A. The most common cause of a poor quality call is a poor quality internet connection.

Q. The call duration show in the call logs is longer than the call I actually made. Why?
A. You must click 'disconnect' when you have finished your call. This disconnects you from our network. Failure to do this could lead to additional costs being incurred.

Q. How do I call another PENEO user?
A. Simply dial 699, then their PENEO ID. For example if their user ID is 123456, you would dial 699123456. Calls to other PENEO users are free!

Q. I tried to call another PENEO user, but it said call failed. I know they are online, so why did it fail?
A. If their dialer has not been used for several hours, it may have lost connection to the server. Ask them to make an outbound call and it should 'wake up' the connection and you should be able to call them.

Q. What are the technical requirements for using the dialer?
A. Windows 2000 or Windows XP (We no longer support Windows 98), a 56k dial-up connection, 128mb RAM, microphone and speakers (headset recommended).

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