PENEO offers a new way of using your Internet connection to call anyone in the world, online, by phone or mobile phone. PENEO offers the lowest international rates. Great, isn't it? Let's see how can you benefit from our VoIP service:

That's it. You are connected to the future now.


Peneo is a leading-edge technology firm specializing in VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions to lower telecom costs for residential consumers (B2C), commercial businesses (B2B), and callshops/Internet cafes.

We use the very latest technology to ensure high quality at an incredibly low price. Our call prices are measured per second -meaning you pay for the exact length of your call and nothing more!

PENEO helps consumers, businesses and call shops / Internet cafes save money with the lowest possible rates on International phone calls.

Reseller Packages

Silver Package

The Peneo Silver Package enables resellers to get a bonus on Peneo rates to sell accounts to their customers. The resellers customers still use the Peneo web site but the reseller makes a margin on the accounts they sell.

Here are the feature and benefits of this package:

1. A 10% bonus on the Peneo retail rates

2. No set up costs. You just prepay for the accounts you need.

3. You can create and manage your accounts up to the value of the deposit you have with us

4. Our accounts have no expiry date.

5. All your accounts are controlled through a web interface

6. Minimum deposit is $500.

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Gold Package

As a Gold Package Reseller you get a fully branded web site with all the functionalities described below. You get to set the rates you want to sell at and you are fully in control of your business.

Here are the feature and benefits of this package:

1. We provide you with a 10% bonus on Peneo retail rates Due to our low rates these bonuses are not negotiable.

2. Cisco ATA and other hardware support (see here for a list of support hardware)

3. You can set your own rate list to sell to your customers at your own prices

4. All your accounts are controlled through a web interface

5. You appear as a fully independent internet telephony service provider

Pricing is as follows:

Annual fee $239
Deposit for calls - minimum $500

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